Commercialisation News

Date Title
2016-05-30 Imaging Colour Measurement System for Textile and Garment Industry
2016-05-30 Development of an Innovative Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn
2015-08-11 Sputtering System to Create Captivating Metallic Textiles
2015-08-11 Assets Maintenance Management System (AMMS)
2015-08-11 Activity-based Carbon Footprint Modelling (ACFM) for Intimate Apparels
2015-08-11 Sports Bra
2015-08-11 Quick Response Quality Management (QRQM)
2015-08-11 Intelligent Monitoring System for Weightlifting
2015-08-11 Anti-pilling Plasma Treatment
2015-08-11 Shoeware 3D Design Software
2015-08-11 Bio-degradable Synthetic Fibres
2014-01-01 RFID-based Apparel Management Expert (RAME) System for Operator Task Allocation and Production Line Balancing
2014-01-01 Functional Elastic Tapes for Rehabilitation
2014-01-01 Shape Memory Fibre by Melting Spinning Method
2014-01-01 Formaldehyde Testing Sensor for Textile Fabrics and Clothing Products
2013-06-11 Launching of Fabric Touch Tester in ShanghaiTex 2013
2013-01-03 Nu-Torque™ Cotton Yarn Production Technology Wins Shandong Science and Technology Award
2013-01-01 Intelligent Footwear System Embedded with Fabric Sensors
2013-01-01 Fabric Resource Management System (FRMS) for Apparel Industry
2013-01-01 SimFactory – A Computerized Coaching System for Sewing Line Management
2013-01-01 Smart Multi-adhesive-carrying-rollers Lamination System for Intimate Apparel Industry
2012-10-01 Fabric Touch Tester
2012-10-01 Energy Management System for Dyeing and Finishing Factory
2012-10-01 Body Slimming Garment
2012-10-01 Development of Smart Interactive Functional Clothing
2012-09-20 The Brilliance of Olympic and Sportswear Innovation
2012-07-01 Automatic Tilting Device for Laser Finishing Machine
2012-07-01 Electrolytic Ozone Spray Finishing System for Denim Wear
2012-07-01 Sprain-free Device for Sport Shoes
2012-07-01 Advanced Functional Surface Treatment Technology for Textile Materials
2011-08-03 Fabric Sensors for Three Dimensional Surface Pressure Mapping
2011-08-03 Novel Relaxation Shrinkage Treatment System for Knitwear
2011-08-03 Nano Bio-functional Materials Finishing Technology
2011-08-03 Design and Production of Durable Adult Bibs
2011-08-03 Advanced Clothing Functional Design CAD Simulation Technologies
2011-05-27 Exchange with Research and Academic Institutions in Fujian
2011-05-25 Nu-Torque™ Singles Ring Yarns Technology
2011-05-25 High-performance Sportswear and Devices
2011-05-25 Molding and Lamination Technology Handbook for Lingerie Industry
2011-05-25 Innovative Wet Finishing System for Garments
2011-05-25 A 2D Barcode Advanced Textile and Garment Manufacturing Process Technology
2011-05-25 Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly Production of Brassiere Cup
2011-05-25 Smart Fashion Sales Forecasting System for Fashion Retail Industry