Nu-Torque™ Cotton Yarn Production Technology Wins Shandong Science and Technology Award

Nu-Torque™ Cotton Yarn Production Technology, one of the HKRITA’s successfully commercialised projects, was awarded Shandong Science and Technology Award (First Class) by the Shandong Provincial Government in November 2012. Nu-Torque™ Singles Ring Yarn Technology, developed by Prof Tao Xiao Ming of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is a means of producing single ring yarn with reduced residual torque that can be woven and knitted in fabrics with very soft handle, low spirality, and good strength and pilling performance. It can develop low torque yarn products such as low torque singles ring yarn, slub yarn, elastic core-spun yarn, finer tabular yarn as well as cotton sweaters, T-shirts, denims and towels. The technology can be applied on cotton and worsted spinning systems. Four manufacturers have already reached licensing agreement with HKRITA. For more details, please click here.