Electrolytic Ozone Spray Finishing System for Denim Wear

Vintage denims have been popular among the fashion-conscious. To achieve antique effect, over 70% of denim wear has to go through a partial bleaching process. The traditional methods are hand sand or application of potassium permanganate to achieve the discolouration. These methods are labour intensive, time consuming and causing pollution problems. The electrolytic ozone spray finishing system is a new approach to conduct the discolouration finishing. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent which can react with indigo to achieve a bleaching effect. Comparing with the other oxidizing agents, the ozone treatment can transform the dyestuff into carbon dioxide and water, any residual ozone in the system, due to its unstable and self-decomposed property, will be decomposed into oxygen.

The technology is now available for licensing. For more details, please click here.

Electrolytic ozone spray finishing system for denim wear