Commercialisation Opportunities

The key role of The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited is to foster research, development and technology transfer in the textile and clothing industry. This will help to sharpen Hong Kong's competitive edge in the global textile market.

4-in-1 Multi-Functional (Water-, Oil-Repellent, Soil- and Wrinkle-Resistant) Finishing
A Reusable and Comfort Facemask as a Barrier to Microorganisms
Activity-based Carbon Footprint Modelling (ACFM) for Intimate Apparels
Activity-based Water Footprint Modelling of Textile Manufacturing Processes
Advanced Functional Clothing CAD Simulation System
An Innovative Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn
An Intelligent Decision Support (IDS) Platform for the Digital Economy: A Novel Approach to Supporting Sales Strategies in the Textile and Apparel Industry
Anti-Pilling Plasma Treatment
Anti-strip Jumper: Integration of Design and Function
Assets Maintenance Management System (AMMS)
Bio-degradable Synthetic Fibres
Bio-functional Socks
Conversion of Food Waste into Polylactic acid Fibre
Developing a Low Cost Automatic Engraving and Grinding Machine for Making Denim Design
Development of dyeing natural textiles in supercritical carbon dioxide
Energy-saving Production Technologies for Brassiere Cup
Fabric Touch Tester (FTT)
Fashion Colour Predictions by Social Media
Fine Worsted Yak Yarns and Fabrics
Functional and Decorative Textile Products through Sputtering Technology
Garment to Garment Recycling System
High-performance Sportswear
Imaging Colour Measurement System (ICM) based on multi-spectral technique
Intelligent Footwear System Embedded with Fabric Pressure Sensor
Intelligent Monitoring System for Weightlifting
Multi-functional Spray
Multi-functional Uniform
New Functional Textiles from Bio-based and Degradable Fibres
Non-aqueous Solvent Medium (NASM) Dyeing for Textiles
Novel bio-based antimicrobial textiles for healthcare applications
Novel Finishing Treatment for Knitwear Using Low Temperature Rapid Evaporation
Nu-Torque™ Yarn
Post-consumer Blended Textile Separation and Recycling by Hydrothermal Treatment
Quick Response Quality Management (QRQM)
Relaxation Shrinkage Treatment for Knitwear
Reusable Elastic Tape
RFID-based Apparel Management Expert System for Operator Task Allocation and Production Line Balancing
Shoeware 3D Design Software
Simfactory – A Computerised Coaching System for Sewing Line Management
Smart Energy Consumption for Wet Processing
Solid State Polymerization of PET and PLA for Properties Enhancement
Solvent-assisted Dyeing of Cotton Fibre
Sports Bra
Sputtering System to Create Captivating Metallic Textiles
Sustainable Design by Fabric Impact Assessment
Synthesis of Self-Cleaning Materials for Textiles Products
Textile Waste Recycling by Biological Method
Thermal Conductive Textile
Upcycling Post-consumer Blends Products
Wearable Electronic for Better Quality Community Care of the Elderly
Wearable Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Textile-Graphene Composite Electrodes