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Functional Sportswear for Hong Kong Athletes in Rio Olympics 2016
Date 29/07/2016

All eyes are now on this year's Summer Olympics in Rio. HKRITA has also paid a role in it by developing functional sportswear and devices for the Hong Kong representatives. Working with long-term partner, the Hong Kong Sports Institute, HKRITA designed a high-performance sportswear collection for the Hong Kong rowing team and fencing shoes for the elite Hong Kong fencing athletes for 2016 Olympics.

HKRITA has worked with the Hong Kong rowing team for many years. In this collaboration, the design of the sportswear addresses the needs of thermal and biomechanical physiology, ergonomic design, UV protection and touch comfort. This year, the features of the rowing wear are light weight, ergonomic pattern with less seam, smart thermal and biomechanical protection, and sufficient UV blocking. These features help athletes performed their best during training and competition in different environments such as high humidity and high temperature.

The development of the asymmetrical fencing shoes is a new collaboration with the elite HK fencing team. The characteristic of fencing is the different distribution of lunge and supporting leg during specific movement. Meanwhile, fencing inserts great pressure to the heel of the lead foot which can be up to seven times of the body weight. As a result, the foot and ankle are easily injured during the exercise. Therefore the research team developed asymmetrical shoes to match the needs of dominate lag and support lag. A proper cushion inside the fencing shoes is developed to protect the heel and forefoot with advanced material and ergonomic design. As such, asymmetric fencing shoes are devised to improve comfort and prevent foot injury.