Press Release

Date Press Release
05/01/2018 HKRITA Demonstrates Technologies for Healthy Aging at TKO Plaza
07/12/2017 H&M Foundation Showcases Innovative Closed-loop Apparel Recycling Eco-system at DesignInspire 2017
13/09/2017 Making a difference by Innovation & Technology
11/09/2017 Technological Breakthrough: Successful Method Found for Recycling Blend Textiles into New Fibres
29/08/2017 Hong Kong’s Largest Fashion Summit Aims to Effect Tangible Change to Make the Fashion Industry More Sustainable
12/04/2017 HKRITA showcases its achievements in the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, demonstrating the benefits of these projects to the community of Hong Kong
01/04/2017 HKRITA Shines Yet Again in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
14/12/2016 HKRITA Won Grand Award in the 2016 Hong Kong Awards for Industries
09/09/2016 When fashion meets technology in the Innovation & Technology Symposium 2016
06/09/2016 A four year global collaboration to develop industrial solutions and new technologies for textile recycling
05/09/2016 Smart Techs in Smart Fashion Runway & Exhibition – “Material Translation” The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) x PMQ
26/4/2016 香港紡織及成衣研發中心科研技術揚威國際 (Chinese only)
18/4/2016 HKRITA Achieved Spectacular Results in the 44 International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva this Past Weekend
7/7/2015 The Competitive Advantage of Innovation
22/4/2015 A Breakthrough of HKRITA in the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
26/9/2013 The Future of Innovation - Insights Sharing for Future Innovation at HKRITA Symposium
22/5/2013 HKRITA's Awarded Testers to Showcase in ShanghaiTex 2013 (in Chinese only)
3/11/2012 HKRITA’s Technology Application in Our Daily Life
14/9/2012 Research Supports Sport Development in Hong Kong
27/8/2012 The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Showroom Opens
12/4/2011 Partnership Leads to Success: HKRITA Creates Future Opportunities and Potentials
7/8/2009 Briefing Session of an Innovative Finishing System for Wet Processing of Garments and Accessories
20/3/2007 HKRITA Hosts its First Symposium
20/4/2006 Research and Development Centres Open Today