Nu-Torque™ Yarn

Nu-Torque™ Singles Ring Yarn Technology is a mean to produce singles ring yarn of low twist and high strength with reduced residual torque that can be woven and knitted in fabrics with very soft handle, low spirality, good strength and pilling performance. It can develop low torque yarn products such as low torque singles ring yarn, slub yarn, elastic core-spun yarn, finer tabular yarn as well as cotton sweaters, T-shirt, denim and towel. The technology can be applied on cotton and worsted spinning systems.


  • A physical manufacturing method to produce torque balanced singles ring yarns in a single step.
  • A false-twister and related components for the short staple yarn to produce low torque yarns in existing spinning mechanism.
  • A control mechanism of yarn residual torque and a method to control yarn tension by adjusting the speed ratio through a mechanical device.
  • Production of yarns at a range from 7Ne-100Ne (~6tex-85tex) with twist level 25 - 40% lower than traditional ring yarn.
  • An electronic control system was developed under the 5th generation of the Nu Torque technology which enables the ring spinning frame to produce standardized and quality Nu Torque yarn.

Industry benefit

  • Yarn production cost: 24-40% increase in productivity because of lower twist level at the same yarn strength; 10% saving as no yarn plying is needed. 
  • Finishing: 15-20% saving on finishing treatment needed for the conventional cotton fabric.
  • Knitting: 10% saving in knitting cost due to lower spirality and clear surface with symmetrical loops.
  • Energy saving: saving around 337 units (kilowatt hours) of electricity per one ton of yarn produced.
  • Environmental-friendly: no chemicals, no water and steam required for production.
  • Quality: cashmere-like soft handle.

Technological breakthrough

It is a major breakthrough in yarn manufacturing, which provides the means to produce singles ring yarn. The technology brings optimised processing parameters for spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing as well as improvement to the overall throughput of a spinning factory by improving bottleneck operation in spinning process. It is estimated that the overall productivity of a spinning operation will be enhanced by 20-40% with lower production cost and better product quality.

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive licence of production and installation of nu-torque yarn device on spinning machine for the production of low torque singles yarn.

The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us. (Email:; Tel: (852) 2627 0180)


Award Name
Science and Technology Award (First Class) in the 2009 China National Textile and Apparel Council (2009)
Shandong Science and Technology Award (First Class) in the 2012 Shandong Science and Technology Award (2012)
Related ITF project
Research Start Date 2007-03-01
Industry Partner
Luthai Textile Co Ltd
Far Eastern Industries (Wuxi) Ltd
Ambika Cotton Mills Limited
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