Sports Bra

Female breasts contain limited anatomical support due to a lack of muscles and bones. During exercise, with the increase of activity intensity, a large force/acceleration will be applied to the breast thereby causing excessive breast movement and inducing extremely high strain within the breast tissues. Such strain not only is the main cause of breast pain but also influence the beauty profile over time. Therefore, research points out that bras, especially functional designed sports bras, are helpful in providing better breast support and preventing injury during intensive activities. This project has studied factors like breast displacement, strain and stress concentrations, velocity, acceleration and thermal-moisture transfer behaviour within the bra, and developed a methodology for functional sports bra design with the advantages of finite element model (FEM).


With the application of dynamic water pumping fabric and flexible material with piecewise deformation modulus and strength, the newly designed sports bra can provide better protection and an improved wearing comfort sensation with adjustable dynamic thermal and liquid sweat transfer behaviours and a supportive capability to meet the various physiological requirements under dynamic changeable activity intensities. FEM of female body and sports bra demonstrates the conditions of breast displacement, pressure, internal stress and strain distributions when wearing a sports bra.

Technological breakthrough

  • Extra support from lower bra band made by special fabrics;
  • Shaped-adjustable cup by water-pumping fabrics to get rid of sweat, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable;
  • Reduce movement of breast;
  • Improve exercise capacity;
  • FEM demonstrates the conditions of the displacement, internal stress, and strain distributions of female breasts in a sports bra during movement.

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive licence includes the right of making further R&D and the sale of the functional sports bra based on the filed patent.

The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us. (Email:; Tel: (852) 2627 0180)


Award Name
Successful Design Award in the 2011 China Most Successful Awards (2011)
Related ITF project
Research Start Date 2012-10-26
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