Sputtering System to Create Captivating Metallic Textiles

Metallising is regarded as a redesign and finishing process which is able to improve functionalities and add decorative value to products. The sputtering coating technology provides great potential for the development of innovative textile products.

The developed magnetron sputtering system for roll-to-roll processing is a new system for large-size functional and decorative textiles production. It produces sophisticated metallic effects with stencil pattern designs in an environmentally friendly approach.


The magnetron sputtering system can treat fabrics with woven and non-woven structures. The stencil-plate film is a key element of the system on which the device runs simultaneously with the fabric to create patterns.

Tests on the fabric produced by the sputtering system were carried out in accordance with international specifications. The results show that it is up to industry standards and suitable for industrial applications such as metallic coatings for luxurious furnishings, fashions and accessories.

The whole process is an environmentally-friendly production which changes the properties and appearance of textiles in non-aqueous conditions without discharging any polluted water and injurant.

Industry benefit

After the coated treatment, the fabric will have added functions such as water repellence, anti-static, anti-bacteria, UV shielding, radiation protection, electromagnetic wave shielding and good permeability. Comparing with current laminated metallic fabrics available in the market, handling and texture of the coated materials treated by the sputtering system are greatly improved.

Regarding design concerns, the coated textiles will have metallic shades with their appearances in terms of lights, shadows and colours changing in different environments. It is suitable for the production of high-end fashion items and accessories by adding value to the products.

The production of the sputtering system can provide a more cost efficient solution than the application of existing metallic coating techniques, providing a significant market potential and numerous business opportunities.

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive license covers right to manufacture the sputtering system for large-size functional and decorative textiles production.

The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us. (Email:; Tel: (852) 2627 0180)

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Research Start Date 2011-12-16
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