Intelligent Monitoring System for Weightlifting

Limb perimeter and its changes are linked with force generation of muscles which is able to evaluate the exercise effect of weightlifting and fitness training. The Intelligent Monitoring System for Weightlifting is a wearable monitoring system incorporating fabric strain sensor arrays for in-situ and real-time measurement of physiological and mechanical signals for weightlifting. It is a real-time and dynamic system that measures the perimeter changes of user muscles during the training, and transmits data to personal computer or smart phones wirelessly for analysis. The technology is able to monitor athletes’ physiological and mechanical status, assists coaches to design and evaluate training programme. A user trial of limb-gauge monitoring system was conducted among professional athletes and students of Hong Kong Sports Institute with satisfactory result on its accuracy, repeatability and wearing comfort.


The limb-gauge monitoring system incorporated with fabric strain sensor arrays helps weightlifting athletes to monitor their physiological/mechanical status, track and record the range of motion at weightlifting training. It also assists coaches to design and evaluate training programme by the real time curves of muscle perimeter change exported from the system. Furthermore, athletes and people in gym can also evaluate their training or exercise effect with the system.

Industry benefit

The new technology and products of limb-gauge monitoring system can broaden the traditional textiles, sports devices and electronics industry, and explore new markets and develop new products. As a result, it can increase the competitiveness of the companies. It adds substantial values to traditional textile and electronic products.

Technological breakthrough

Limb-gauge monitoring system is a dynamic measurement system, which is different from the traditional measurement system that can only measure the limb perimeter in the static status. The new system uses an array of fabric strain sensors, a novel textile-electronic packaging technology, stretchable fabric conductive connections and minimized wireless transmission technology. It can monitor, display, store and analyze the perimeter changes of user muscles in the training process.

Licensing Details

Non-exclusive licence covers the knowhow to fabricate the intelligent monitoring system for weightlifting.

The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us. (Email:; Tel: (852) 2627 0180)

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Research Start Date 2013-02-01
Industry Partner
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