High-performance Sportswear

R&D in the textiles and clothing discipline concerns practical application of science. HKRITA has paid a lot of efforts to develop high-performance sportswear which covers a wide spectrum of the textile supply chain from materials science, to textiles engineering, to fabric processing, to functional assessments and management. By acuminating research knowledge, HKRITA has built up a research cluster on high-performance textile which further facilitates quality projects in efficient manner. To join hands with different sports associations, HKRITA has developed a series of high-performance sportswear which address the real match requirements of athletes.


HKRITA once worked with the Hong Kong Sports Institute to develop rowing suits, cycling and running wear. In these projects, 3D body-scanning was done on every athlete so as to produce tailor-made sportswear. To take into consideration of every sport's characteristics and respective weather conditions during training and competition, the research team conducted a number of tests on fabric strength, fabric abrasion and UV protection. In individual cases, specific tests were conducted with advanced testers developed by HKRITA or the research institutes such as Fabric Touch Tester and Walter™ Sweating Manikin to evaluate special properties of the sportswear.

These projects have:

  • identified physiological and biomedical requirements of human body and demand during specific exercises;
  • estimated the sportswear function by simulating the thermoregulation of human body, heat and moisture transfer during training and competition and study the biomechanical interactions while wearing the sportswear;
  • designed and produced the sportswear collections according to the requirements from thermal physiology, biomechanical physiology and protection;
  • developed systematic evaluation method of the sportswear from fabric material, clothing and implication to the sports performance


Consulting services on the production of high-performance sportswear can be provided, such as devising real match functional requirement of the high-performance sportswear, setting out systematic design criteria, fabrics specification and production approach. Novel evaluation technologies of HKRITA are available to evaluate the performance of the sportswear.


Licensing Details

The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us. (Email: ; Tel: (852) 2627 0180)


Award Name
Successful Design Award in the 2011 China Most Successful Awards (2011)
Bronze Award in the Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong (2018)
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Research Start Date 2012-10-26