An Innovative Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn

Chitosan, known for its antibacterial property, is derived from the exoskeletons of crustaceans such as crabs and shrimps. Chitosan fibre is made by wet spinning technology. However, during the spinning process the yarns exhibit a tendency to lock or wind together due to the material’s high electrostatic discharge. This creates mechanical challenges and leads to a high level of wastage in the production process.

To eliminate the existing spinning limitations of chitosan yarn, this project employed the triboelectric electrostatic theory to modify the spinning machine slightly. Results show that the desired properties of the yarn (anti-bacterial, elasticity, laundering durability and comfort) are largely maintained without creating much loss.


  • Hygiene and health care products;
  • Textile and apparel products;
  • Other potential areas of medical textiles that require a high standard of comfort and convenience.

Industry benefit

  • It solves the problems of roller-winding and as such greatly reduces wastage and production cost, while maintaining mechanical properties.
  • The fibre derived from the new spinning system retains all the desirable biodegradable , biocompatible and antibacterial properties, which means it is the ideal fibre to use in areas such as wound healing.
  • For manufacturers of medical apparel and health care products, the more reliable production of the yarn represents an opportunity to broaden the scope for new product development.

Technological breakthrough

By upgrading the traditional spinning roller into a conductive one and optimizing the spinning parameters, this new spinning system not only solved the winding and wastage problem, but also improved the quality of chitosan yarn in terms of yarn strength and consistency.

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive licence covers the knowhow of the modification / fabrication of anti-static roller in the traditional yarn spinning system for the production of chitosan yarn.


Award Name
Gold Medal in the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2016)
Related ITF project
Research Start Date 2014-03-31
Industry Partner
Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hismer Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
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