An Intelligent Decision Support (IDS) Platform for the Digital Economy: A Novel Approach to Supporting Sales Strategies in the Textile and Apparel Industry

Fast and reliable provision of social media business analytics is a vital factor in:

  • monitoring and comparing the popularity of textile and apparel brands;
  • identifying “hot” and “bestselling” products in the digital economy;
  • reviewing the impact of marketing campaigns on promoting brands; and
  • optimizing sales strategies.

Methodologically, social media content provides large-scale qualitative data. Capturing data regularly and analysing them systematically provides speedy and reliable evidence of how the market is reacting to particular brands and the efficacy or otherwise of particular sales strategies.

This project employed the following theories:

  • Listen – to capture the conversation and relevant market text on the social media based on a defined scope;
  • Monitor – to monitor the emotions expressed in captured data; and
  • Analyse – to analyse the market data and identify the prevailing sentiments about marketing campaigns, and determine the “Hot Topics” and “Best-Sellers” from the analysed data.


The IDS platform helps the user to execute intelligent and comprehensive data analysis by providing automatic access to social media platforms to capture content daily. The IDS platform saves users’ time by handling repetitive work e.g. providing regular business intelligence reports. The platform can also:

  • determine the levels of emotions (negative, neutral, and positive) expressed toward a brand in the collected content;
  • identify the people, places, and organisations deemed to be closely associated with the brand;
  • group similar topics together and assign a header to each topic group; and
  • classify the captured data according to media type and data source.

Industry benefit

Hearing the voices in social media helps brands understand their customers, competitors, and market trends. The IDS platform helps marketers to extract, analyse and manage data from different social media platforms in a systematic and useful way.

Technological breakthrough

The IDS platform utilises The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and web-crawler technology to provide relevant, structured and classified content which can be used to identify marketing issues and needs promptly.

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive licence covers the system source code as well as the right to apply and develop an intelligent decision support platform.

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Research Start Date 2014-03-01
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