Novel Finishing Treatment for Knitwear Using Low Temperature Rapid Evaporation

The project is a pioneer work in developing a new approach to finishing of knitwear.  By relaxation treatment of the fabric, this new process induces an even external force all over the fabric structure. It can improve garment appearance and hand properties. The new process makes use of energy released during water vaporisation. Water becomes energy carrier which is able to cover the whole surface area of the knitted structure down to the fibre scale. This explains the highly effective relaxation process. For the purpose of knitwear finishing, the new process is by far more satisfactory than the conventional wet processing.

Technological breakthrough

Comparing with the conventional process, this new treatment saves more time, energy and water. The static process will not trigger pilling of knitwear. Since water is not used as a fibre swelling agent in the new process, fibres with no affinity to water can also be relaxed effectively.

Licensing Details

The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us. (Email:; Tel: (852) 2627 0180)


Award Name
R&D 100 Awards 2019 – Winner of 100 Most Technologically Significant New Products of the Year in Process/Prototyping
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Research Start Date 2008-09-01
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