Activity-based Water Footprint Modelling of Textile Manufacturing Processes

The textiles and garment industry is one of the industries that consumes significant amounts of resources and energy.

Activity-based Water Footprint Modelling (AWFM) has been developed to calculate the carbon and water footprints of textile and garment manufacturing.  The AWFM consists of both hardware and software components which are used to measure activity-based water footprints resulting from the manufacturing processes of textile dyeing, printing and finishing; all of which involve a huge consumption of water and cause water pollution. 

The hardware consists of smart meters installed on machines which monitor and collect data to measure the water consumption of both individual machines and manufacturing processes. The software is an activity-based water footprint modelling management system, which features web application, data recording and analytical functions, manual input consumption data and system analysis.  The user is able through the online application to monitor and manage multiple sites under one account.  


By applying the monitoring system to machines and activities throughout the production process such as dyeing, the software can capture data and generate reports of water consumption and water intensity at the site level, the workshop level and the machine level, as well as at the production order or batch level. Customised reports can be produced at these various levels by selection of time and data.

Technological breakthrough

This innovative and practical approach, together with the comprehensive measurement of water consumption will allow maximal flexibility and cost effectiveness in water-footprint disclosure that fits the characteristics and demand of the current trend of the textile industry.

Licensing Details

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Research Start Date 2014-11-01
IP Number
172354A, 172355A