Developing a Low Cost Automatic Engraving and Grinding Machine for Making Denim Design

Whisker, one of the common effects on denim jeans, is made through a graving board. Traditionally it is crafted by skilled workers, variances can still be found on the whisker effect.

The textile industry needs to upgrade its technology of production processes when moving towards industry 4.0. Moreover, many experienced technicians retired or joined other emerging industries. The number of skilled technicians to make precise graving board is not sufficient.

The newly developed engraving machine is able to improve efficiency and maintain consistency of production. Its computer program allows a precise replication of designs in a short time. The design pattern can also be ground directly on textile surface.


The automatic machine contains a hardware and a software.


  • A working platform and a computer controlled device
  • A working platform to provide working area with spindle for sculpture


  • The customisation program for whisker mould design transforms 2D graphic to 3D graphic data. The data will be transferred to the computer circuit board on the working platform, and spindle will engrave the pattern on the engraved board according to the program design.

Industry benefit

Conventional engraving of whisker is carried out piece by piece by experienced workers. It is time consuming and variances are unavoidable since whisker mould board is made manually.

Small batch production and short production lead times have become more popular for two decades. As such, the computerised whisker mould board has great potential in the market. It provides reliable long term storage of graphic data after converting the design patterns to the software format. The data are ready to go anytime. The quality of the machine is good which can last for over 10 years and allows for a long-time operation. These features have brought down the cost of the machine.

Moreover, the graphic data can be transmitted to other users around the globe with the same machine through internet. Communication for the design information becomes more efficient for enterprise with multiple sites over different countries.

Technological breakthrough

  • Standardisation on bulk production is achieved and the quality on whrisker mould board is maintained in the manufacturing process
  • Designers are able to make new whrisker design and mould board easiler.
  • Designs can be directly engraved on textile.

Licensing Details

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Research Start Date 2016-12-01
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