Anti-Strip Jumper: Integration of Design and Function

There are people with emotional or behavioural disorders, and they may need to wear diapers due to physical needs. While there are care centres in Hong Kong looking after them, removing their diapers not only causes hygiene problems for both wearers and the centres, but also increases the workload of caregivers.

HKRITA has developed the anti-strip jumper for these patients. It addresses the needs of organisations which take care of patients with emotional or behavioural disorders who may need to wear diapers due to physical needs.


  • The anti-strip jumper allows a freer movement for the wearer by sewing darts on suitable parts of the garment in order to provide better fit for the 3D contours of body.
  • A double layer of Velcro and a stand collar design are made to act as an effective barrier to diapers being torn off.
  • A mesh panel is placed at the upper back of the jumpsuit so as to increase the breathability of the whole garment.
  • The research team tested various fabrics for breathability, water resistance and breaking load. These tests ensured that the fabric used in the new jumpsuits would meet international standards, providing the wearer a garment both functional and comfortable.
  • Jumpsuits currently available look like a medical uniform in terms of design and colour. The research team spent a lot of effort on design by mixing and matching colours to develop a more trendy style.

Technological breakthrough

The new garment is more comfortable than the old jumpsuit, and leads to patients being less likely to remove their diapers. The research results will also provide a comprehensive reference for similar organisations.

Licensing Details

Some care centres were invited to take part in the project trial. The centre staff agreed that the new design is able to prevent residents from removing their diapers, and as a result, staff members can devote more time to taking care of the residents' other needs.

This project can also successfully improve the functions, cutting and design of the garment, and developed a brand new sizing system.

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Research Start Date 2015-03-31