Bionic Functional Footwear for Pregnant Women

Weight gain and relaxin hormone increases during pregnancy can lead to swollen feet and arch drop for pregnant women. The project has developed a bionic functional footwear for pregnant women to adapt to foot dimensional variations, enhance arch support and reduce peak plantar pressure, and prevent arch drop, thus protecting foot skeleton muscles and improving foot health and comfort.


The footwear is designed in accordance with the foot condition of pregnant women. It is also suitable for postpartum women, overweight people, people with fallen arches and people who need special plantar or arch support.

Industry benefit

The bionic functional footwear for pregnant women creates a new market for footwear industries. It also provides advanced footwear technologies and production strategies of personalised footwear products, boosting the development of the footwear industry. 

Technological breakthrough

Based on foot biomechanics and anthropometric studies,  this project developed the bionic functional footwear for pregnant women by applying ergonomic design and advanced 3D knitting-tech, additive manufacturing and moulding materials . The system consists of a bionic functional shoe vamp with mechanical support and controllable elasticity, terrestrial-foot bionic insoles, arch composite support and accessories, as well as special anti-slip soles for stability. 

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive licence covers:

the knowhow to fabricate a bionic functional footwear system for pregnant woman;

the knowhow to fabricate a real-time bio-sensory system for foot swelling, BMI and arch pressure monitor via Android App for mobile use;  

preparation and application method of stretchable flexible composite fabric-based.


Award Name
Silver Award in the Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days
Related ITF project
Research Start Date 2018-01-02
Industry Partner
Chemtax Industrial Co Ltd.
IP Number