Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn

The technology developed by HKRITA solved the long-standing problem facing the chitosan yarn manufacturers. The new technology reduces the material wastage and production cost in the process without compromising its mechanical property. It really helps boost the competitiveness of the industry.
Technology director

Hismer Bio-technology Co., Ltd


Chitosan is found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans such as crabs and shrimps. With its antibacterial property, Chitosan fibres, which is made through wet spinning, can be used for health care products or medical textiles. However, during the spinning process, the fibres exhibit a tendency to lock or wind together due to the material’s high electrostatic discharge. This project aims to solve this problem.


This project develops a novel spinning system by upgrading the traditional spinning roller into a conductive one and optimising the spinning parameters. The new system can solve the winding and wastage problem, and the desired properties of the yarn (such as anti-bacterial, elasticity, laundering durability and comfort) are largely maintained.


The novel spinning system can reduce wastage and production cost while maintaining the mechanical properties of the chitosan yarns. The produced fibres retain the biodegradable, biocompatible and antibacterial properties and so the developed materials are ideal for the application in hygiene and health care products. The chitosan yarns are also suitable for the production of textile and apparel products which require a high standard of comfort and convenience.