Fabric Touch Tester

The Fabric Touch Tester FTT® measures skin touch properties of textiles objectively and quantitatively. The comprehensive, sophisticated design of the FTT enables it to measure all the mechanical and surface properties of fabric in one simple test, which are used to predict the subjective sensory indices of hand feel and touch feel: smoothness, softness, warmth, and total hand/touch feel. The test results can help to facilitate effective communications between buyers and sellers; effective quality control and process improvements during production; and R&D for new fabrics, chemical additives and formulations, etc.
Fred Cheng
General Manager – HK & Overseas

SDL Atlas


The hand feel of a piece of fabric is an important consideration when consumption decisions are made. On the basis of a complete neuro-physiological mechanism and clear physical interpretation, this project has developed a novel measurement method on fabric hand feel and instrument for the textiles industry.


The fabric touch tester can measure multiple physical properties of fabric specimens including thermal transmission, bending, compression and surface friction aspects in both warp and weft directions in one single trial. Software with integrated prediction models can calculate touch feeling scores for fabrics.


The fabric touch tester provides a quick and user-friendly solution to achieve an objective and scientific measurement. It helps eliminate disagreements or subjective arguments about this issue and contributes to the development of a mature industry on hand feel measurement.