Sleeping Thermal Comfort Assessment System for Textile Products

This technology provides accurate data for product development on mattresses and bedding for our clients. This is a valuable collaboration between the Airland and HKRITA.
Ms. Maggie Sham
General Manager - Sales & Marketing (HK)

Airland Holding Co. Ltd.


This project developed a one-stop solution including an indoor and microclimate simulation instrument, and a systematic evaluation system to assess physical, physiological and psychological parameters under a sleeping condition so as to evaluate sleeping thermal comfort.


The system can record sleep patterns under different thermal comfort conditions. Sensors, which are attached to the subject’s body parts, measure his or her brain waves and eye and muscle movements. By using the data to evaluate the subject’s sleep stages and their distribution, the system can assess sleep quality.


The analysis of the data collected from the system provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject’s comfort level and sleep quality under different temperatures and levels of humidity. Results can serve as a reference for the thermal comfort of bedding textiles development, bedroom design, interior design and building construction.