Advanced Functional Surface Treatment Technology for Textile Materials

We are happy to explore collaboration opportunities with HKRITA and adopt their technology through licensing, achieving continuous improvement in recent years. We supplied fabric and yarns for an American brand to produce the uniforms of the America’s golf team (including the representatives of the Ryder Cup) in 2018. With the technological advancement, we also provided fabric of next-to-skin garments with flame retardant function for the marine police force in Hong Kong and become uniform fabric supplier of disciplinary forces in multiple nations.
Mr. Vincent Tsang

Joinfair International Ltd


Advanced functional surface treatment technology for textile materials facilitates the development of the added value of the textile and garment manufacturing. It helps foster the textile and fashion industry to move up the value chain and benefit the society. Three research deliverables are developed under this technology:
1. Synthesis of Self-Cleaning Materials for Textiles Products;
2. 4-in-1 Multi-Functional (Water-, Oil-Repellent, Soil- and Wrinkle-Resistant) Finishing;
3. Green and Durable Flame Retardant Finishing.


In the synthesis of self-cleaning materials, a nanolayer doped nano TiO2 layer can break down and remove dirt, odour, bacteria, colour stains, harmful organic materials with the help of visible light or indoor light source in a process of photocatalysis. The 4 in 1 multi-care finishing technology achieves multi-functional treatment in one step through a dip-pad-cure process for the application of 4 in 1 multiprotective finishing agent. The green and durable flame retardant finishing is an efficient reactive phosphorous and nitrogen containing flame retardand for fabrics through two steps: dip, pad and dry first and then roll and batch.


The treatments provide good self-cleaning, water/oil/soil repellency, wrinkle-recovery functions and effective flame resistance for textiles products. It can be applied to sportswear, leisurewear, footwear and other apparel products that require a high standard of protection, such as uniforms of special task force.