Thermal Conductive Textile

The technology licensed by HKRITA provides an alternative to fashion by keeping body warm, with soft and lightweight, breathable, stretchy properties at the same time. It unlocks greater application potential of the fashion and gadget market. Our technology brand, KnitWarm, has been recognised by several reputable international awards for its outstanding performance in creativity, design, innovation, quality and branding. We look forward to collaborating with partners and brands of different sectors.
Stanley KWOK

Fung Fat Knitting Mfy Ltd


The project applies wearable electronic technology to develop a novel thermal textile in which the function of temperature control is applicable to both general and medical apparel.


The formation of the novel conductive fabric is achieved by using a combination of textile-based technologies to knit together conductive fibres. The theoretical basis for this process is provided by the resistive network model in which properties of sheet resistance, length resistance and contact resistance provide various fabric structure and density. Besides, a complete design approach was employed to make the soft textile thermal circuit more aesthetically pleasing and lighter.


The project lays a theoretical foundation for the feasibility of designing wearable electronic fabrics which possess thermal conductivity. The product design can also be enhanced due to the conductive paths and heating areas requiring no external modification such as sewing. The technology has a great potential of wide applications of soft thermal comfort requirement such as outdoor apparel products, home thermal products, healthcare and medical treatments.