HKRITA Seminar, “Review Seminar on ITMA 2007”, was successfully held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 30 October 2007, featuring speakers from textile technology development to research, who had participated in ITMA Germany, in September 2007. Their presentations covered a wide spectrum of top industrial and scientific topics and introduced the latest textile products, machinery and technology that were featured in the exhibition, bestowing seminar participants with useful information and ideas. This enabled local professionals to reap the benefits from this main European technology and machinery exhibition held once every four year......

MOU with Research Institutes in Mainland China

To facilitate the cooperation on R&D in textiles and clothing technologies with the research institutes in mainland China, HKRITA had signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the following parties:

8 Oct 2007

Sun Yat-Sen University and Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Commission

9 Oct 2007

China (Dalang) Woolen Knitwear Research & Development Centre

11 Oct 2007

Zhejiang University - Textiles

New R&D projects

Three new platform research projects have been approved after meticulous vetting with funding totalling HK$12,304,100.

Advanced Textiles and Production Technologies


Development of an Integrated Solution for Minimizing Pilling Problem of Cashmere Knitwear

Innovative Design and Evaluation Technologies


Fabric Sensors for Three Dimensional Surface Pressure Mapping 

Enhanced Industrial Systems and Infrastructure


Development of a Problem Solving Model for the Hong Kong textiles and Clothing Industries

Nano-encapsulation Technologies for textile and apparel industry
Polymer encapsulation is a widely applied technology having the ability of protecting the active ingredients inside the capsules and delivering the functions with the controllable release mechanisms. It is of particular interest in agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industries to produce controlled release products such as pesticides, aromatic ingredients and drugs. Many polymer capsule systems have been developed, including melamine/formalin capsules, polyamide capsules, liposome capsules, polyester capsules, polyurea and polyurethane capsules......

Warm Welcome to New Staff
Mr Barry Tai and Mr Stephen Tang, joined HKRITA as Project Officers in October 2007. Welcome!

Barry: “An honour to be a new member of HKRITA, the job gives me chances to get in touch with the dynamic R&D activities in the textile and apparel sector. I hope to make contribution to the textile and apparel industry in Hong Kong.”

Stephen: “I’m very happy to be one of the members in HKRITA’s R&D Team. With good team spirit and a well established management system here, we can look forward to excellence in work and personal development.”


  Innovation Design Tech Expo
12-15 Dec 2007

Inno Design Tech Expo was successfully held from 12-14 Dec 2007 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. The exhibition provided advanced innovation in business solutions for buyers, manufacturers from around the world.

HKRITA was invited to be one of the exhibitors at the Hong Kong R&D centre section with other five R&D centres......

Seminar: Innovation and Technology Applications for Textile & Garment Industry
14 Dec 2007
How to Apply the Concepts of Lean Production in the Textiles and Apparel Industry in the 21st Century
07 Dec 2007
Chongqing Science and Technology Commission Round-table Forum
06 Dec 2007
Seminar for Econfidence Denim
15 Nov 2007
Seminar: The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
14 Nov 2007
ITMA 2007 Review Seminar
30 Oct 2007
China Hi-Tech Fair 2007
12-17 Oct 2007

  Delegation from Fu Shan Textiles & Garment Industries
1 Nov 2007

Guests from Zhejiang University City Colleage Exhibition & Conference Research & Service Centre
27 Dec 2007
Delegation from China Textile Academy
10 Dec 2007
Delegation from Shengzhou Government
1 Dec 2007
Delegation from Guongdong Company
8 Nov 2007
Delegation from Chile Industry
2 Nov 2007

14-17 Jan 2008 Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Halls 2 & 7B
18 Jan 2008 Technical Forum for Sweater Manufacturing Clothing Industry Training Authority, Kowloon Bay
05-08 Mar 2008

Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre

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