Coloration is a vital process in creating value added design for competitive fashion products. With launching of the “REACH” programme as well as increasing environmental concerns, printing, dyeing and finishing companies are facing big challenges in fulfilling worldwide ecological requirements. The technical seminar “Challenges in Colour Technology 2008”, organised by HKRITA was successfully held to address the impact of the “REACH” programme on the industry and presented the advances of colour technologies in the printing and dyeing industry....

Technical Seminar in the 9th China (Dongguan) Int'l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair
As a supporting organisation of “The 9th China (Dongguan) Int'l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair", HKRITA conducted a technical seminar on “New Technology Development on Knitwear” during the Fair. The seminar was held on 6 March 2008 at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre. It attracted over 120 participants from various garment manufacturers in Guangdong province.....

Biofunctional materials
Natural fibres have been very important and are widely used materials in the textile industry due to their unique excellent properties. However, because of the limitations and requirements at the stage of spinning, it is sometimes difficult to spin too short or too weak fibres into yarns, and these fibres may then be disposed during the spinning process. There are many discarded garments all over the world. The excellent intrinsic properties of these discarded fibres could create great market potential for the textile industry if they were to be reused......


Three new platform research projects underneath, have just been approved with HK$8.60 million funding support. These projects are:

New Materials and Textiles and Apparel Products


Functional and Decorative Textile Products through Sputtering Technology

Enhanced Industrial Systems and Infrastructure


Development of a Fashion Sales Forecasting Decision Support System Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Innovative Textile Materials – Interactive Intelligent Textile Material
3. Small Sized Fiber Sensors

This project falls under the Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme 2007, which aims to support applied R&D projects that will facilitate economic development in the Greater Pearl River Delta(PRD)region. Under this scheme, the governments of HKSAR and Guangdong invite R&D project proposals in technology areas of common interest and provide funding support to approved projects. For details, please click here.

  Post “New Technology and Innovations on Eco-Textiles to Taiwan” Study Mission Sharing Seminar
31 Mar 2008

The Hong Kong Productivity council (HKPC) held the Post New Technology and Innovations on Eco-Textiles to Taiwan Study Mission Sharing Seminar on 31 March 2008. The Sharing Seminar aimed to share the information and experience gained from the Taiwan Study Mission with the local garment manufacturers and traders.......
The 2nd International Textile Conference on New Technology of Dyeing & Finishing
08-09 Apr 2008
Seminar in Interstoff Asia Essential Spring 2008
13 Mar 2008
New Technology Training Scheme on ‘New Technology and Innovations on Eco-Textiles to Taiwan’
10 Mar 2008
Seminar in the 9th China (Dongguan) Int'l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair
6 Mar 2008
Technical Forum for Sweater Manufacturing
18 Jan 2007
Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008
14-15 Jan 2007

  Delegation from Food Environmental Hygiene Department
29 Jan 2008
Mr. AKG Nair, Executive Director of Pearl Academy of Fashion, India
5 Mar 2008
Delegation from Fook Cheong Outwear Ltd and other Industrialists
12 Feb 2008
Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, Innovation and Technology Commission
15 Jan 2008
Dr. Eric Thun, Said Business School, Oxford
11 Jan 2008

19 Apr 2008 Hi-Tech Conference in Textile Industry 2008 Dongguan Exhibition International Hotel, China
20-23 Apr 2008 The 8th Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair

Chongqing International Exhibition Centre, Chongqing, China

18-25 May 2008 Explore Innovative Technology in Worldwide Lingerie Industry - Study Mission to Germany, Switzerland & Turkey

Germany, Switzerland & Turkey

20-23 Apr 2008 SMART-TBIS 2008 Joint Symposium

Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Chinese University of Hong Kong

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