Project Application

Project application

Applications should be classified under one of the following technology focus areas:

  • New Materials and Textiles and Apparel Products;
  • Advanced Textiles and Clothing Production Technologies;
  • Innovative Design and Evaluation Technologies; and
  • Enhanced Industrial Systems and Infrastructure.

The Board of Directors of HKRITA has decided that priority for funding will be given to projects which come up with new research ideas; have high technical merit with deliverables which have potential for commercialisation; and have experienced key research personnel.

In addition, please note that in assessing your application, due weighting will also be given to the following components:

  • Innovation and Technology Component;
  • Technical Capacity;
  • Financial Considerations;
  • Existence of a Holistic Plan to Realisation / Commercialisation;
  • Relevance with Government Policies or in Overall Interest of the Community;
  • IP Rights and Benefit Sharing; and
  • Management Capacity.

Submission of applications

To minimise unnecessary work and save time, the following two-step approach should be followed:

applicants should first brief HKRITA on the proposed application by way of a powerpoint presentation which identifies the key features of the project proposal – this will facilitate an initial assessment as to whether the proposal can be supported; and, if so a formal application for funding, fine-tuned on the basis of earlier discussions, can then be formally submitted.

Application should be submitted electronically through "ITCFAS at the ITF website. All sections of the online application form have to be completed with supporting documents wherever required. Before submission, applicants should read "Guide to R & D Project Applications from The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited", the explanatory notes embedded in the application form and the paper "Creation of a Favourable Ecological Environment to Facilitate the Realisation of Research and Development Results" endorsed by the Commerce and Industry Panel of the Legislative Council in November 2010 (ref. LC paper no. CB(1) 389/10-11(05))

One hard copy of the original of the application stamped by your own research institution should be submitted to HKRITA.

Applications submission

HKRITA will entertain applications whenever submitted.

Formal processing of proposals will commence after the application has been lodged with the Innovation and Technology Commission.


If you have any enquiries relating to the application or other related issues, please feel free to contact us by email or tel:(852) 2627 8183.