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An Innovative & Bionic Method to Make the Thermal Management Fabric for Insulating Solar Heat

This project develops a bionic textile finishing process which turns polyester fabric into a solar heat reflecting textile. It is a solution to the key problem of current architextile products, i.e. limited protection ability against solar heat during the hot summer. This treatment process simulates the micro-hair structure of Saharan silver ant (SSAH) by coating aligned zinc oxide micro-rod array on the polyester fabric. These micro-rods can effectively reflect the solar heat without sacrificing the translucency of the polyester fabric. The treated fabric can shield off the solar heat and reduce temperature of the area under the treated fabric. This technology can improve solar heat shielding ability of fabric roof so that it can be applied as low-cost cool roof. This not only improves the thermal comfort but also reduces the expense on air conditioner. Meanwhile, this can minimize the urban heat island effect.

Project No. (ITC) ITP/067/16TP
Project Type Platform
Project Co-ordinator Dr. SHANG Song-min
Research Institute The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
ITF Amount HK$ 2,186,000
Start Date DD/MM/YY 2017-01-03
Completion Date DD/MM/YY 2019-01-02
Hong Kong Xiangde Trade Co. Ltd.
Joint Sensor Instruments (HK) Limited
Well Success Investments Limited