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Development of Shape Memory Fiber by Melt Spinning Method

This proposed project focuses on the melt spun shape memory fiber development. It includes the synthesis of shape memory polymer and the research of melt spinning technology. The objective is to provide melt spun shape memory fibers with good shape memory effects and produce fibers in pilot. Shape memory polyurethane fibers can be prepared by dry, wet, chemical, and melt spinning technology. As compared with wet spinning method for shape memory fibers, the melt spinning method has some advantages as follows: 1. The production process is simpler. Since no solvent is required, dissolution of the polymer and removal of a solvent are not required. 2. The melt spinning facilities widely used for the spinning of the spandex fiber can be used for melt spun shape memory fiber with minor modifications. 3. The process is cleaner and safer and more environmental friendly. The process can alleviate the waster water and air pollution problem. 4. The cost of melting spun shape memory fiber will be lower than wet-spun shape memory fibers. Shape memory polyurethane is a main kind of shape memory polymer used in textiles. It can be used in fiber, yarn and fabrics.

Project No. (ITC) ITP/046/09TP
Project Type Platform
Project Co-ordinator Prof. HU Jinlian
Research Institute The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
ITF Amount HK$ 8,912,000
Start Date DD/MM/YY 2010-02-01
Completion Date DD/MM/YY 2012-07-31
Clover Group International Ltd
Esquel Enterprises Limited
Haiwei Textile Technology (HK) Ltd
Zhejiang Institute of Modern Textile Industry
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