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Develop a patentable Smart Multi-adhesive-carrying-rollers Lamination System to upgrade the local Intimate Apparel Industry

For contemporary intimate apparel manufacturing, lamination process is an indispensable step before the 3D shape forming process. Nowadays, there are three common types of lamination technologies used in intimate apparel manufacturing industry; namely, 1. Single-adhesive-carrying-roller lamination using water based adhesive (Single-roller); 2. Spray lamination using solvent based adhesive (Spray), and; 3. Single-adhesive-carrying-roller lamination using thermoplastic adhesive (Hot-melt). Single-roller lamination is a low-end technology. Hence, the quality of the finished product is far behind the other two systems. Both spray and hot-melt laminations are sophisticated systems, which can fulfill the demanding quality requirements of the high-end products. However, these systems are imported and very expensive. Also, they are difficult to operate and maintenance costs are high due to no local support from overseas machine builders. After initial study, the existing problems in lamination for intimate apparel industry include shrinkage, winkle, barrel mark & moiré pattern, crazing and de-lamination etc. Therefore the development of a smart lamination system is needed to overcome their problems and aims to provide them the solution for high-end market. The proposed system with multi-adhesive-carrying-rollers is an innovative, universal and low cost solution tailored for our manufacturers.

Project No. (ITC) ITP/009/10TP
Project Type Platform
Project Co-ordinator Mr. LOUIE Derek
Research Institute Hong Kong Productivity Council
ITF Amount HK$ 3,363,000
Start Date DD/MM/YY 2010-08-16
Completion Date DD/MM/YY 2012-12-15
Anson Optical Products Company Limited
Good Prospect Rapid Prototyping & Design Limited
Grand Gain Industrial Limited
Hong Kong Non-Woven Fabric Ind Co Ltd
Prime Precision Engineering Ltd.
Super Rich Moulders Limited
Vanessa Holding Limited
Yick Shun Industrial Products Ltd
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