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High Performance Sportswear and Devices (Phase II)

In the first phase, we have successfully completed the design and development of high performance sportswear for winter running, summer running and cycling. The technology inventions from the project have been successfully transferred to industry. With the strong support from the steering committee and industry, we will continue the research to study the biomedical, physiological and biomechanical functional needs for clothing in terms of dynamic sweat management, fat management and injury prevention, which will be used to design and develop sports bra, water pumping fabric and artificial ligament fabric technology for injury prevention in sports such as aerobic, dance, golf and badminton. Further, we will carry out new dimensions of research in the areas of bra function, breast protection, local metabolism management, body fat mapping and comfort, breast blood circulation, proprioception, muscle and joint kinesthesia, injury prevention, dynamic liquid sweat removal to enhance comfort and sports performance. When completing the project, we will deliver a set of creative designs and new fabric technology innovationsthat are ready for servicing textile and clothing industry and sports industry.


Successful Design Award in the 2011 China Most Successful Awards (2011)
Commercialisation Opportunity
Project No. (ITC) ITP/015/11TP
Project Type Platform
Project Co-ordinator Prof. LI Yi
Research Institute The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
ITF Amount HK$ 4,505,000
Start Date DD/MM/YY 2012-10-26
Completion Date DD/MM/YY 2015-01-25
Beijing Aimer Lingerie Co Ltd
Champion System Ltd
Epro Development Limited
Esquel Enterprises Limited
Guangzhou Xunli Technology Co. Ltd
Triumph International (HK) Ltd
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